Thursday, November 6, 2008

Vocho and Pancho

Two of the cutest things we will miss from Mexico is the Vocho (what Mexicans affectionately call an old beat-up VW Beetle) , and Pancho the puppy who we shared our apartment with. Vocho was a reliable friend, other than the fact that at times it would honk for no reason! Understandably, this made us very nervous in heavy traffic. So when it would speak its mind, we would yell out "VIVA CHIVAS" (a Guadalajara soccer team) with the windows down shaking our fists in celebration of their big victory the previous week. We lost our voices, but saved ourselves from road rage. :-)
We all piled in!
Vocho carried all our luggage too...
and took us out for yummy coffee...
Every morning we were awakened by the sound of Pancho conversing with other neighborhood pups, and babies crying downstairs . This inspired us to come up with yet another fake band name... "Pancho and the Crying Babies" :-D Here's Pancho:
...and his future girlfriend (we met at the mercado)

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Lynn said...

Wow, what a great time you guys are having!! I will live vicariously thru you while I sit at home and help children with school work. See the excitement YOU'RE missing?!?!