Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Not Taco Bell!

Real Mexican food from the homes and streets of Mexico City and Guadalajara...

Chilaquiles verdes:
Huevos en salsa pasilla:
Love how the chorizo is mixed in with the egg:
Tamales and flautas... good at any time of day!
A hole in the wall in Ajijic had the best barbacoa tacos:
The mercado had amazing blue-corn gorditas:
Fish tacos... from the streets of Guadalajara... (check out the arsenal of hot sauces!):
Arrachera a la parilla. Absolutely the juiciest flank steak we've ever had: Not to be outdone was the plato jarocho with sopa de nopales (cactus soup):
Once in a while we had to take a break from all the meat with a refreshing licuado:
And sip fine tequila...
A great pairing with Mexican food is the Indio (lighter) and Bohemia (darker) beer:
And of course, Negra Modelo:
Even a light dinner usually consisted of tacos dorados (crispy fried tacos). Ensalada is totally optional :-D
Tacos dorados, here from a street vendor in Lake Chapala:
Tacos dorados, from a restaurant in Chapala...
...with an order of plump & delicious shrimps!
The ultimate in comfort food: the pozole (verde pictured):
A gelatin dessert is light and refreshing after a big meal...
(or you may prefer the grilled corn with a hint of salsa and lime :-)
We heart icecream!
A little warning: Mexican donuts are extremely sweet!

Tacos are everywhere... check out the adorable ceramic tacos from the mercado:

Of course, we had to pick up one of these tortilla presses (a must for an authentic Mexican meal... can't wait to try it out at home!)

More pictures to come!

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Lynn said...

Oh this was NOT good to look at before dinner.....

MOST of it looks yummy, but some of it I'm not sure I'd try.