Thursday, October 16, 2008

The best way to organize?

Since our last post was on personal organization, we figured we'd run with the theme this week. We're not huge on fancy electronic gadgets. We still use an almost-decade-old Palm-based PDA to organize our lives at a daily/weekly level. For monthly/yearly organization, we use a paper calendar. We like the paper format for long term planning because we can compare different months side-by-side, color code items (with one of our 6 colored highlighters!) and share this information with others without going into the nitty-gritty. Any tasks for the day/week - the Palm works well with its little "alarm" reminder.
But what if the Palm was to go dead one day (any day now), could we even go completely non-PDA? We think something like Muji's Chronotebook may work just as well (here's why). If you like visual in-your-face reminders, a neat idea like this may work for you. If you like to do long-term planning on paper (or on your wall), check this out. If you're tight on funds, any notebook or a huge piece of contruction paper at your local dollar store will do. It's your life... be creative!

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Lynn said...

I like my wall calendars too. Not only do they keep me organized, but they also bring art into my kitchen! You just can't get that with a PDA!