Saturday, October 4, 2008

Food Network's "Ultimate Cheesecake" Recipe Trial Run

Spotted this recipe during a late-night TV binge. With 300+ reviews and a five-star rating on, it looked like a winner.

The water bath trick is a bit of a pain. But ensures a light, fluffy, supersmooth cake. Ignore the recipe suggestion of 325 degrees. I bumbed it up to 375 and left the cake in the oven to cool down for a bit. My group of picky taste-testers agreed that this one definitely earns five stars!


Samara said...

Wow- that looks amazing!

Still... I think I'm going to have to taste it to make sure it's really the ULTIMATE cheesecake. So you'll just have to make it next time I come to visit! :)

Lynn said...

Oh that looks SOOOO good!!! I have abt 10 cheesecake recipes that I want to make and have a taste off.